Expo // Rode Stormvogel
Rode Stormvogel

Lisa Li, Anabel Poh and Erik Melander. Three Design Academy Eindhoven students with roots from all over the world.

They redesign the experience of approaching their cultural heritage, by designing an exhibition that would both reflect their culture and what they have learnt at Design Academy Eindhoven.

The trio explains: ''None of us are Dutch, but together at Design Academy we’ve come in contact with a lot of exhibitions centered around mainly Dutch design. We wanted to use our relationship with these artists, along with our experience from Holland, to style an exhibition which would show these works in a completely decontextualized manner, in an environment that lacks any correlation to where the works were painted.''

PLAN-B is open every day (free entrance) during Dutch Design Week from 11:00. You can reach us via DDW Taxi, Hop-on hop-off bus, bike, car (free parking) or via public transport. Every 5 minutes a bus departs from Eindhoven CS (this bus also passes Strijp-S) to PLAN-B. Take the 401, 402 or 403 to bus stop Hurksestraat.
LocatiePLAN-B, 4th floor

Tijd19 - 27 Oct, 11AM - 6PM

PrijsFree entrance

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