Press release 09-10-19
PLAN-B during DDW If not HERE, then WHERE?

Eindhoven, 09-10-19
From 19 to 27 October, PLAN-B, the space for creative entrepreneurs, will be presenting work by 20 designers from all over the Netherlands. The theme of the exhibition: If not HERE, then WHERE?, curated by designer Kiki van Eijk, explores and shows the relationship between the (creative) process and location. 

What is the role of location and environment in the work of designers? What influence do those factors have on the maker, and how does it show? If not HERE, then WHERE? provides answers from multiple disciplines within the design world. Amongst other things, product design, social design and graphic design can be seen. The exhibition is free during the entire 9 days of Dutch Design Week. 
If not HERE, then WHERE? was compiled and curated by Kiki van Eijk, designer and tenant within PLAN-B. Amongst others, she included Klaas Kuiken, Ward Wijnant, Floris Hovers, Cor Unum, Erik Stehmann, Mieke Lucia, Lenneke Wispelwey and Lucas & Lucas. These designers (alongside others) will present their latest work and ideas - with extra attention to where they came about.  
Place to be
Especially for the occasion, PLAN-B opens the fourth floor of the building of the former Philips factory on the Hurksestraat. After the event, the spaces will be available for rent (in total 1900 m2). There are different units available, ranging in size from 21 to 80 m2. Contact PLAN-B for more information. 
The space for creative entrepreneurs
PLAN – B (since 2014) is home to creative entrepreneurs and start-ups, artists and designers, under 1 roof and sharing 16,530 m2. They can rent a workspace at an affordable rate and get plenty of space and opportunities to execute their plans. 
The mission of PLAN-B is to create an environment in which creative entrepreneurs can operate optimally, in order to create a place in Eindhoven where professionals help each other and everyone gets the best out of themselves. 

For the editors, not for publication: 
For more information about PLAN-B, the exhibition during Dutch Design Week and the rental of work spaces, contact Anne Veenstra (06-450 80 404) or Nikita Hurkmans (06-202 99 118),,
De ruimte voor creatieve ondernemers
Hurksestraat 19
5652 AH Eindhoven
Dutch Design Week
19-27 October 2019
Cor Unum Ceramics
Eigengijs & Jordie Rovers
Floris Hovers
Jessica den Hartog
Joost van Bleiswijk & Kiki van Eijk
Jordan Artisan
Klaas Kuiken & Charley Reijnders
Lucas & Lucas
Memories to Keep
Orange or Red
Rode Stormvogel
Studio Annebet Philips
Studio Erik Stehmann
Studio Kars + Boom
Studio Lenneke Wispelwey
Studio Mieke Lucia
Studio Roex
Sweet Chemistry
Tijn van Orsouw
Ward Wijnant