Expo // Realiteibureau

RealiteitBureau is a meeting point between different groups of people, who mostly talk about each other, but not to each other. The working method aims to connect these groups. Using short videos, participants are invited to ask each other questions about the living environment on the other side of the camera.

This Dutch Design Week RealiteitBureau gives an insight in their working method. The result is a collection of different individuals with their own story, which creates a new image of both groups. In this way, RealiteitBureau facilitates the first step towards mutual understanding. 

RealiteitBureau goes beyond the traditional studio setting. For tjem, design happens outside on the street. The street is a place that everyone visits daily, regardless social-economical, political or cultural background. This makes the street by definition an inclusive place and the most accessible way to meet one another and engage in a conversation together.

PLAN-B is open every day (free entrance) during Dutch Design Week from 11:00. You can reach us via DDW Taxi, Hop-on hop-off bus, bike, car (free parking) or via public transport. Every 5 minutes a bus departs from Eindhoven CS (this bus also passes Strijp-S) to PLAN-B. Take the 401, 402 or 403 to bus stop Hurksestraat.
LocatiePLAN-B, 4th floor

Tijd19 - 27 Oct, 11AM - 6PM

PrijsFree entrance

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