Expo // Floris Hovers
To use or to look at.

Floris Hovers (1976) was born and raised in the Dutch Raamsdonksveer in the province of Brabant. This is where he still lives and works. The environment he grew up in serves as a constant source of inspiration. His father's concrete production plant with all its machinery and cranes, the farms, the tractors and trailers used by the water council for maintenance to the polders, the sand pits, the nearby motorway and the River Donge. These all form the starting point for the products and autonomous works he makes: toys, bricks and blocks, smartly constructed furniture and interior products.
As a designer and artist, Hovers takes you into his world of color, shape, proportion, playfulness, austerity and simplicity. His versatile work ranges from consumer products to unique works but always with the same mentality.
During this exhibition there is a balance to be seen between his products and autonomous work and how strongly they are connected. In addition, he has made new designs for the furniture brand Vrienden, which will also be on display during this exhibition.
Hovers’ designs emerge during the process of making them: in his spacious workshop he builds, constructs and explores his ideas within the third dimension. Surrounded by machines, materials and a wealth of trials and errors, bits and pieces, and ‘lost and found’.
A suitable environment is a natural growth process. His workshop contains attributes from all sorts of periods, it is an ongoing exhibition for himself. He believes that your environment will continue to stimulate you to do things in your own manner. Everything can play a role, Hovers doesn’t rule anything out in advance.

PLAN-B is open every day (free entrance) during Dutch Design Week from 11AM and easily accessible by public transport. Every 5 minutes a bus departs from Eindhoven CS (this bus also passes Strijp-S) to PLAN-B. Take the 401, 402 or 403 to bus stop Hurksestraat.
LocatiePLAN-B, 4th floor

Tijd19 - 27 Oct, 11AM - 6PM

PrijsFree entrance

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